Get AtomBlast For Free, No Joke

Jester’s Shoes has decided to allow people to download AtomBlast HD for free today as a special one-day-only offer for all you iPad owners that are now skint through buying the device and have nothing to play on it.
Game info:
AtomBlast HD offers a unique alternative to the usual ‘match-3’ puzzle games, testing a player’s skill and cunning to dominate the game board with their coloured atoms. Players take turns to place their atoms on the board, setting up chain reactions to capture their opponent’s atoms and win the round.

With challenging AI opponents and a hugely entertaining multi-player mode, AtomBlast HD offers brain-tingling fun whether you’re on your own or with friends.
Features include:

  • Single player mode pitting the player against historic physicists Newton, Watt and Galilei
  • Multi-player mode for up to four players
  • 25 unique levels with limitless re-playability
  • Special items that help (and hinder) success
  • Atmospheric music, or play tracks from your own music library
  • Tweet top scores – post your top score to Twitter and challenge your followers

iPad Exclusive Features:

  • Exclusive levels. 5 new levels tailored to the iPad’s larger screen
  • High Definition Graphics

Need more info? Visit the official website!

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