Happy Kitty Meow Fight iPhone Meow

Big Pixel Studios have launched their Japanese style dual-stick shooter title, Meow Meow Happy Fight which is set in modern-day Tokyo where a giant Happy Cat has travelled back in time from the year 2336 AD.

“With Meow Meow Happy Fight we’ve created a game based around a simple mechanic, which gradually expands into something much more in-depth and skill demanding,”

said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. David Burpitt, Technical Director at Big Pixel Studios, added,

“We put a big focus on the AI of opponents. They move, think and act as if they were controlled by real players, and can often out-smart you with a special attack, or cheekily snatch a kill after you’ve put in all the hard work.”

Game info:
With a massive 24 action-packed levels, 15 characters to unlock, 12 super power-ups and, of course, 1 giant Happy Cat, this game really takes the dual-stick shooter to the next level. The slick character design, breathtaking backgrounds, and catchy Japanese music give an extra dimension to the game play.

“We’ve been passing our build of Meow Meow Happy Fight around the office and our guys can’t get enough. It’s a great game and is a fantastic addition to their great Piyo Blocks series,”

said Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at Aurora Feint.
Connecting to OpenFeint’s 29+ million gamers adds another layer of depth to Meow Meow Happy Fight. With a multitude of achievements to unlock, leaderboards, and social features, it will keep even the most avid of gamers coming back for more.
Check it out now on the App Store and the official website.