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Land-A-Panda ona iPhona

Big Pixel Studios have scheduled the release of their latest title for things that the iOS runs on for this Thursday, March 10th when Land-A-Panda will become available.

Meow Happy HD Meow iPad Fight

Big Pixel Studios have announced details of the Japanese style dual-stick shooter game previously released on the iPhone, but now has gone high definition on the iPad in the form of Meow Meow Happy Fight HD. “We’ve redesigned Meow Meow Happy Fight specifically for the iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen, updating the opponents AI, and tailoring the controls to perfectly suit the device,” said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. David Burpitt, Technical Director at Big Pixel Studios, added, “We’ve also added the ability to auto-sync characters between different devices and versions of the game, allowing players who’ve already built up a good collection of characters on the iPhone to continue to use them on the iPad.”

Happy Kitty Meow Fight iPhone Meow

Big Pixel Studios have launched their Japanese style dual-stick shooter title, Meow Meow Happy Fight which is set in modern-day Tokyo where a giant Happy Cat has travelled back in time from the year 2336 AD. “With Meow Meow Happy Fight we’ve created a game based around a simple mechanic, which gradually expands into something much more in-depth and skill demanding,” said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. David Burpitt, Technical Director at Big Pixel Studios, added, “We put a big focus on the AI of opponents. They move, think and act as if they were controlled by real players, and can often out-smart you with a special attack, or cheekily snatch a kill after you’ve put in all the hard work.”

iPhone gets a little blocky

Big Pixel Studios have launched their latest title Piyo Blocks 2, the magical match-em-up sequel to the iPhone original Piyo Blocks. Game info: Building on the classic block matching and combo building of the original, Piyo Blocks 2 adds a wealth of new features, including completely revamped graphics with an all-new look and feel. The game features updated versions of three game modes from the original – Piyo, Hyaku, and Time Attack – and the new “just one more try” Three Second mode! In addition to multiple single player modes, Piyo Blocks 2 adds a multiplayer battle mode to its catalogue – allowing 2 players to battle it out over WiFi or Bluetooth. You can really put your combo building to the test in a two player game, allowing you to build up your “combo meter” to send a variety of attacks to your opponentʼs game.