Land-A-Panda ona iPhona

Big Pixel Studios have scheduled the release of their latest title for things that the iOS runs on for this Thursday, March 10th when Land-A-Panda will become available.

Male Giant Panda "Tian Tian" (1997)

“Land-a Panda is one of a small handful of games which appeal to gamers of all levels,” said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. “The simple pick-up-and-play style is well suited to casual gamers, but still provides a considerable challenge to those who want to accomplish everything the game has to offer.”

Some info:
The worldʼs panda population is in decline, and Land-a Pandaʼs mission is to resolve this crisis! Players control a young lovestruck male panda called Yang Guang, whose goal is to meet his dream partner, a female panda called Tian Tian, in this highly innovative puzzle game. Players must use a variety of unique cannons, pickups, and obstacles to blast Yang Guang within reach of the beautiful Tian Tian, although itʼs important to collect some golden coins along the way or she may not be impressed!

OpenFeint and Apple Game Center support add another layer of depth to Land-a Panda. With a multitude of achievements to unlock, leaderboards, and social features, it will keep even the most avid of gamers coming back for more.

Twitter: @BigPixelStudios

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