Enter, The Garden of Life

Apple iPod touch and plastic stand.
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A rather strangely titled developer, The You Company has released an app onto the iTunes App Store called Garden of Life which is nice and free for you to download on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

“Garden of Life is the first release we have made into the App market as part of a long term vision I have to improve people’s wellness and lifestyle. First and foremost, Garden of Life is a fun and engaging mobile game for people of all ages, but it also has many layers.” said Hossain Rezaei, The You Company CEO.

Some app info:
Garden of Life invites players to cultivate a floating island in space into a beautiful garden.
Your role in the game is to improve the wellness of the island, harvest the ‘spirit of the seeds’ and unlock magical new seeds along the way.
You’re not alone on the island though. A wise old tree named ‘Yuko’ is there with you and keen for you to bring your garden to life! Yuko will reward your green fingers by unlocking intriguing new seeds and helping you along the way.
If you’d like to find out more, see the following links:
FREE download from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch at: http://bit.ly/Gardenoflifeapp
Join the Garden of Life Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/Gardenoflife
Visit the Garden of Life Game Website at http://bit.ly/golwebsite
Follow the game on Twitter: @gardenoflifeapp / http://bit.ly/GoLTwitter

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