Fans Tekken On London

If you think you’re good at Tekken, why not prove your worthiness by dragging your ass to London to take part in Namco Bandai’s Tekken Force which will be a monthly thing until they get bored of it or run out of prizes or whatever.

To become the ‘King of Iron Fist’, you will need to be able to get to HMV Gamerbase on the last Friday in London’s Trocadero between 7 and 11pm to participate in who is the best at Tekken 6 on the PlayStation 3.
The contest will be played out exclusively on Playstation 3 consoles and entry is open to all who would like to test their Tekken-ique. Players will be seeded based on their skill in round robin group stages, followed by a straight knockout. Prizes will include hardware from our partners Hori, Gamerbase vouchers and cold, hard, cash.
Facebook, Twitter and their Youtube channel for latest videos at is where you can get more info.
If you want to get in on the action, register at, spaces each month are limited, so be quick.