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Meow Happy HD Meow iPad Fight

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Big Pixel Studios have announced details of the Japanese style dual-stick shooter game previously released on the iPhone, but now has gone high definition on the iPad in the form of Meow Meow Happy Fight HD.

“We’ve redesigned Meow Meow Happy Fight specifically for the iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen, updating the opponents AI, and tailoring the controls to perfectly suit the device,” said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. David Burpitt, Technical Director at Big Pixel Studios, added, “We’ve also added the ability to auto-sync characters between different devices and versions of the game, allowing players who’ve already built up a good collection of characters on the iPhone to continue to use them on the iPad.”

The main difference between the iPad and iPhone versions is the additional 2 new characters designed by fans who won Big Pixel Studios recent design a character competition, but the 30 action-packed levels, 15 super power-ups, and 18 playable characters from the iPhone game are still there.

Meow Meow Happy Fight HD is to launch this Thursday, October 7th in the App Store, on that day, the iPhone version gets it’s latest update which adds a new game mode, even more characters, device syncing, and Apple Game Center support.
Take a look on the App Store for screens and more info.