War of the Worlds to Star Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart. Legend
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The War of the Worlds movie was quite the classic back in the day and even the remake was worthy, so let’s hope a videogame that’s going straight to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network featuring Sir Patrick Stewart will be justifiable.

“As a young boy, I remember watching the The War of the Worlds so many times I was quoting the lines,” said Stewart. “The alien invasion both terrified and fascinated me and the movie has stuck with me since then. Now, being part of this project will provide a new way for gamers around the world to experience a fresh new take on a classic.”

Other Ocean Interactive are the ones bringing War of the Worlds to the consoles and have managed to secure the talents of the legendary actor who will narrate in the game which follows one man’s experience in 1950s London during a decimating alien invasion.
The blurb:
The War of the Worlds is a dark and breathtaking new vision inspired by the classic H.G. Wells novel, retold as a single player, 2D action-adventure. The gameplay narrative parallels the timeline and events from the 1953 movie adaptation, but introduces a new story arc, characters, locations, and sub-plots.  With gameplay paying homage to classic cinematic platformers such as Flashback and Out of This World, players follow the exploits of an unknown everyman struggling to escape the Martian invasion of London and rescue his family. Forced to think through insurmountable odds, players will outsmart an army of alien tripods, spiders and drones as they make their way through a landscape of total devastation.
There isn’t much more info at the moment, but you could always visit www.otherocean.com if you need to find out.