Steam Offering Free MMO/MP Games

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, one that features Mental Gamers’ favourite word, FREE! Anyone that has had an xFire account for a number of years will know that you can browse the website for a whole bunch of free-to-play titles, now it seems Steam will be doing the same.
There are only a handful of titles at the moment that predominantly feature MMO style games with a couple of them being just multiplayer or more specifically, co-op, not sure why they chose the initial selection, but they’re free and that’s always a good thing.

Global Agenda: Free Agent (MMO)
Champions Online: Free for All (MMO, Co-op)
Forsaken World (MMO, Co-op)
Alliance of Valiant Arms (Co-op)
Spiral Knights (Co-op MMO, Steamplay)