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Red Faction: Battlegrounds Screenshots Galore [Updated]

I’m kind of wondering why two dozen screenshots have been released for a game that’s been available for the last two months.
Wasn’t Red Faction: Battlegrounds released on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network on April 4th? That’s what the last press release says anyway, which is why it’s a little baffling as to why THQ have released such a mass amount of imagary now, or am I missing something like it’s coming to the PC, too?

Anyway, if you haven’t already played or even seen it yet, feast your optical orbs upon these…

RFBattlegrounds01.jpg RFBattlegrounds02.jpg RFBattlegrounds03.jpg RFBattlegrounds04.jpg RFBattlegrounds05.jpg RFBattlegrounds06.jpg RFBattlegrounds07.jpg RFBattlegrounds08.jpg RFBattlegrounds09.jpg RFBattlegrounds10.jpg RFBattlegrounds11.jpg RFBattlegrounds12.jpg


RFBattlegrounds13.jpg RFBattlegrounds14.jpg RFBattlegrounds15.jpg RFBattlegrounds16.jpg RFBattlegrounds17.jpg RFBattlegrounds18.jpg RFBattlegrounds19.jpg RFBattlegrounds20.jpg RFBattlegrounds21.jpg RFBattlegrounds22.jpg RFBattlegrounds23.jpg RFBattlegrounds24.jpg

[Edit] So, it seems that there is some DLC and these screens are probably from that, so here’s the info:
Based on the technology and weaponry from Red Faction: Armageddon, the Armageddon Pack takes place at the same time Darius Mason is saving Mars from the cultist Adam Hale. The EDF tank gets a makeover with three plasma mini-guns, while the LAV gets a Singularity cannon – this amazing weapon fires mini black-holes and literally eats the opposition for breakfast. This pack also gives a glimpse of the environments in Red Faction: Armageddon. Deep underground in Mars, you’ll encounter real extremes, from deep frozen ice to rivers of magma. Begin the journey to discover mankind’s newest and greatest threat.
4 new playable vehicles:

  • EDF Crusader Tank – with three plasma mini-guns
  • LAV – armed with a Singularity cannon
  • LEO EXO suit – heavy machine gun and energy missile battery
  • Marauder Buggy – armed with a grenade launcher

2 new arenas:

  • Magma Dock
  • Ice Chamber

4 new training missions:

  • Frostbite
  • The Furnace
  • Red Ice
  • Boiling Point

1 new pick-up:

  • Quad damage – every weapon hit does 4x damage

As the White Faction rises to power as detailed in the Syfy action movie Red Faction: Origins, fight back in the new Origins Pack. This DLC pack celebrates the new movie to give you a look into the fighting power of the rebel ‘White Faction’ and the Cult of the Marauders. It also includes the brand new Race game mode as you try to become the fastest driver on Mars. And if you’re not fast enough, you can always blow up your opponents with stockpiles of futuristic Martian weapons.
1 new multiplayer game mode:

  • Race – Race around the marked route to complete the target number of laps. Be careful though – if you get destroyed before you complete a lap, you’ll have to start the lap again!

4 new playable vehicles:

  • Marauder Chomper – rocket launcher
  • Marauder Stomper – mounter shotgun turret
  • APC – fast with good armor
  • Staff Car – missile pods

2 new arenas:

  • White Faction Base
  • Spill Site

4 new training missions:

  • Run and Gun
  • Blast from the Past
  • The Coffin
  • Riding Shotgun

1 new pick-up:

  • Hammer – when active causes ramming damage