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Mortal Kombat Does a Rockstar

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Nooo, it would be rather strange to think that a videogame could fornicate with anything, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios announced that in a similar fashion to Rockstars L.A. Noire Pass in which you paid one price for all downloadable content, they’re offering a Mortal Kombat Season Pass.
Yes, it’s pretty much the same thing where you pay one price to buy all four new add-on warriors at once for a lower cost than buying them individually. The cost of the Pass now is 1200 MS Points, when bought individually, they will cost 400 MSP each, that’s a saving of 400 MSP when bought altogether.

The blurb:
In order to allow for seamless online play with the new downloadable warriors, free compatibility packs will be required to download with the release of each new warrior. As an added incentive, each compatibility pack will come with two FREE klassic skins – the first of which are being released with Skarlet will be Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 inspired Cyrax and Sektor. Gamers who purchase the Mortal Kombat Season Pass (or individual Add-on content) will automatically get the free klassic skins when they download each warrior. Those who do not purchase the Mortal Kombat Season Pass or the Add-ons, will be able to download the compatibility packs for free and have access to the klassic skins as well.
The first warrior to be released is Skarlet who is available from today, then Kenshi, Rain and another who is yet to be announced in the coming weeks over Summer. One of the things that seems unfair to PlayStation 3 owners is that the Season Pass is only available to Xbox 360 gamers and the PS3 will only get them on their own.
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