Become A Rally Master On The iPad

Rev up your engines and… no, let’s not go there.. FishLabs are going to be releasing Rally Master Pro for the iPad in September which will see the humble game go from small to big res, with a beta version to be introduced at Gamescom.
The blurb:
In keeping with the high resolution of the Apple computer, the Rally Master Pro graphics have been elevated to the iPad level and offer unparalleled racing pleasure. The sophisticated driving physics, which individually calculates each wheel according to the weather and the corresponding driving characteristics, along with the customisable controls, creates the perfect illusion of a real hard-core rally.

Each of the 27 courses in the game has its own personality: tight curves, wet asphalt, and icy turns challenge players’ driving skills. Help is provided by the co-pilot, who gives instructions to avoid totalling the racer. With the unique, interactive replay, the last stage can be studied with numerous vehicle and TV cameras and individual sequences can be fast forwarded and rewound.
The 3D damage model provides information about the condition of the car at any time – the vehicle can be repaired for the next test between stages in a variety of mini-games. Course best times and rally records can also be uploaded on-line to compare with friends and players from around the world.

  • High-resolution 1024 x 768 graphics for the iPadTM
  • 27 courses in a variety of countries
  • Dynamic 3D sound effects (OpenAL)
  • Realistic 4-point driving physics
  • 3D damage model
  • Wide variety of weather conditions
  • Ghost in the Time Trial
  • Mini-games
  • Arcade mode for every mode
  • Adrenaline mode
  • Manual replay
  • Configurable controls
  • On-line high scores