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Set Your Android On Fire

If you have a high spec Android phone or tablet, Galaxy on Fire 2 has been heavily overworked to utilize the double core rendering power of the NVIDIA Tegra 2 3D graphics accelerator for some awesome HD gaming on the move.

Your Galaxy’s On Fire, Again!

It was recently announced as going into beta at Gamescom, but now a trailer has been brought to our attention to show off the sequel to the epic outer space adventure starring mercenary Keith T. Maxwell that’s coming to an iPhone or other i-device near you soon. “Thanks to the possibilities in graphics and sound offered by the iPhone, we are now able to produce Galaxy on Fire 2 as cinematically as we have always wanted to,” says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment. “We are convinced that Galaxy on Fire 2 will become the new benchmark in terms of sound, graphics, and depth in gameplay for premium games on the iPhone and iPad.”

Become A Rally Master On The iPad

Rev up your engines and… no, let’s not go there.. FishLabs are going to be releasing Rally Master Pro for the iPad in September which will see the humble game go from small to big res, with a beta version to be introduced at Gamescom. The blurb: In keeping with the high resolution of the Apple computer, the Rally Master Pro graphics have been elevated to the iPad level and offer unparalleled racing pleasure. The sophisticated driving physics, which individually calculates each wheel according to the weather and the corresponding driving characteristics, along with the customisable controls, creates the perfect illusion of a real hard-core rally.

Defend The Earth With Your iPhone

Earth Defender is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from FishLabs on the iTunes App Store. “Because we have not had an arcade game with such simple yet captivating game play for casual gaming in our portfolio so far, Earth Defender is an ideal addition to our complex, hard-core programme,” Says Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH. “This is why we are publishing a title from another developer for the first time and are offering our marketing know-how to support the talented, young developer studio ANIMA Entertainment, from Bremen, who have created a terrific action game with Earth Defender.”