Defend The Earth With Your iPhone

Earth Defender is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from FishLabs on the iTunes App Store.

“Because we have not had an arcade game with such simple yet captivating game play for casual gaming in our portfolio so far, Earth Defender is an ideal addition to our complex, hard-core programme,”

Says Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH.

“This is why we are publishing a title from another developer for the first time and are offering our marketing know-how to support the talented, young developer studio ANIMA Entertainment, from Bremen, who have created a terrific action game with Earth Defender.”

Game info:
Players have a well-equipped arsenal of weapons under their control. The standard repertoire includes blast bombs, which cause gigantic explosions, all-devouring black hole bombs, and electric lightning bombs. With skillful aiming, bombs can spread over every opponent, triggering enormous chain reactions. As a last resort, players have five superbombs that destroy or heavily damage every enemy in sight.

Long-term motivation is provided by a variety of achievements, which are earned through especially skilled placement of bombs and chain reactions and can be shared with friends via Facebook or Twitter. On-line highscore lists motivate international competition.

“Earth Defender is for everyone who loves spectacular action and not only brings a breath of fresh air for veteran players, but also offers rookies a fantastic gaming experience,”

Says Nicolas Born, CEO of ANIMA Entertainment.

“As big fans of Galaxy on Fire and Rally Master Pro, we are very happy to be working with FISHLABS and could not have imagined a better partner for Earth Defender.”

Key Features

  • Spectacular graphics with elaborate effects and detailed animated backgrounds
  • Atmospheric, orchestral soundtrack and impressive sound
  • Multi-touch action with up to five fingers
  • Seven unique level bosses and a gigantic end boss
  • Six different levels with 14 different enemy types
  • 20 OpenFeint achievements and integration in Facebook and Twitter
  • On-line highscore lists via OpenFeint

The cost of Earth Defender is € 0.79/£ 0.49/$ 0.99.