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It’s An R-Type of Fact Sheet

100% TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL ARCADE CLASSIC! Get back to the ‘80s video-arcade experience! Play the relentlessly challenging side-scroller shoot ‘em up on iPhone & iPod touch for retro-gaming at its best. Key Features ESSENTIAL ‘80S ARCADE GAMEPLAY. NO TOKENS REQUIRED. Why mess with a classic? R-Type for iPhone & iPod touch stays true to its roots, re-capturing the look and feel of one of the biggest arcade game hits from back in the day.

Get Your 'Downloadable Lara Croft' On XBLA

In just over a week, you will be able to download Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light onto you Xbox 360 as part of the Summer of Arcade that for the first time players can play in two-player offline co-op and single player will feature a new isometric view. “DLC for us means Downloadable Lara Croft,” said Darrell Gallagher, General Manager of Crystal Dynamics. “It all begins in August with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light releasing on XBLA and runs through to the end of the year with the additional packs we will be offering. Oh and be prepared for a few surprises.”

Fable III Opening Cinematic Is No Chicken

For those of you that haven’t seen or heard about it yet, where have you been for the last two days? Microsoft and Lionhead have released the opening cinematic to Fable III for avid gamers to watch and has already got thousands drooling over it. October 29th can’t come soon enough for a lot of people, me (aceman) included as I’d played Fable II for hours and hours, including the DLC of which I still haven’t finished getting all the achievements for yet (mainly DLC ach’s), the opening though, see’s a new breed of hero is upon us…

Brush Up On Your Driving Tactics

I-FRIQIYA has announced a brand new game from them, not sure exactly which formats it will be available on, but Fuel Overdose looks to be a bit different as a tactical action racer. Fuel Overdose takes you to a dark and violent universe where car races have become bloody fights between fearless racers willing to risk it all to save their tribes.

Go Fastar! On The iPhone

In a game that kinda looks like one of those ‘Drawn to Life’ deals, Fastar! sees you as a boy with a big sword and a bowtie journeying across vast lands while being ambushed by malicious geometry. Sounds a bit strange, but strangely enough, Drawn to Life was pretty good and since Fastar! is an action-rpg, the gameplay should be relatively the same, only this time all the action takes place on an iPhone or iPod Touch where you’ll hac n slash your way through enemies while shopping for upgrades to help you progress.

Torchlight Heading To A Mac Near You

Holy moly, Mac exclusive news! Although, it’s only a brief announcement, but JoWooD Entertainment has announced that Torchlight is to be released on the Mac, in fact, if you look on Steam right now, it looks like it’s available. A lot of people compare it to Diablo, that’s kind of a no-brainer since it was developed by Runic Games which is led by the former Diablo creators Max and Erich Schaefer. The game has a metacritic score of 83/100 and deservedly so, I (aceman) have played about 18-20 hours worth and think it’s pretty darn good, if you like a good hack ‘n’ slash action-rpg, get this.

Scooby Doo Gets Swamped

Some info has been released about the Environments in Scooby Doo And the Spooky Swamp which is in development for the PlayStation 2, DS and Wii. Scooby‐Doo! and the Spooky Swamp is a new action‐adventure videogame featuring fun, exploration‐style mysteries with the characters kids know and love. For the first time, kids can play as any of the Mystery, Inc. characters ‐ including Scooby‐Doo ‐ at any time!

Demon Souls Servers Extended

Atlus has announced that server support for Demon Souls in the US will continue for a while longer, well, until March 2011 anyway. To celebrate the announcement, the game server’s World Tendency, a variable that can make the game more or less difficult and unlock secrets depending on its setting, will be shifted to Pure White for a couple weeks, making the notoriously challenging game slightly easier for newcomers while also allowing long-time veterans to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and items.

Mafia II Ready To Pre-Order Digitally

As from yesterday, as noticed on Steam, Mafia II was available to pre-order and not just your standard version either, it was a rather special Digital Deluxe Edition which, as the deluxe part of that title suggests, features some extra goodies. A bonus for pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition is the ability to download Mafia and play through in time for the release of the sequel which will ‘unlock’ on August 24th in the US and the rest of the world on the 27th.

Defend The Earth With Your iPhone

Earth Defender is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from FishLabs on the iTunes App Store. “Because we have not had an arcade game with such simple yet captivating game play for casual gaming in our portfolio so far, Earth Defender is an ideal addition to our complex, hard-core programme,” Says Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH. “This is why we are publishing a title from another developer for the first time and are offering our marketing know-how to support the talented, young developer studio ANIMA Entertainment, from Bremen, who have created a terrific action game with Earth Defender.”