Go Fastar! On The iPhone

In a game that kinda looks like one of those ‘Drawn to Life’ deals, Fastar! sees you as a boy with a big sword and a bowtie journeying across vast lands while being ambushed by malicious geometry.
Sounds a bit strange, but strangely enough, Drawn to Life was pretty good and since Fastar! is an action-rpg, the gameplay should be relatively the same, only this time all the action takes place on an iPhone or iPod Touch where you’ll hac n slash your way through enemies while shopping for upgrades to help you progress.

Fun for everyone from the casual player who loves to mash buttons, to the hardcore gamer-optimizer who loves to mash numbers, Fastar! will provide you with hours of minutes of seconds of simple arcadey joy.

  • Reasonably adorable hand-drawn graphics!
  • 24 different game modes for a variety of play experiences, some of which don’t actually count!
  • Global arcade-style high scores lists, where you can become internationally renowned if your full name is three letters or less!
  • Flashy magic spells for any kind of player, from Daring to Thrifty to Congealed!
  • A variety of control schemes to suit your particular playing posture! (Astronaut gymnasts excepted)
  • Sometimes in the background you can see a guy on a unicycle! Look for him, he’s nice.

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