Brush Up On Your Driving Tactics

I-FRIQIYA has announced a brand new game from them, not sure exactly which formats it will be available on, but Fuel Overdose looks to be a bit different as a tactical action racer.
Fuel Overdose takes you to a dark and violent universe where car races have become bloody fights between fearless racers willing to risk it all to save their tribes.

Redefining action racing
Dropping mines or banana peels, shooting missiles or shells, it is all expected, but we are taking the action racing one step further by proposing a much more innovative and complex system :

  • Machine guns, missiles and mines: the classic arsenal will be right where it should be.
  • Fuel Overdose introduces an innovative and central new weapon, a grapple.

The grapple will allow you, among other things, to handle tough curves, to attack enemies as well as to turn your opponents’ speed to your advantage.

  • Bombs are placed all along the race track available for any racers to blow them up at any time.
  • Much as in fighting games, each character has his strengths and weaknesses. Each character even has a series of special moves and attacks that are unique and different from the others.

Why Tactical?
Fuel Overdose other ambition is to bring in to the genre a real tactical dimension through the depth of its weapon systems, upgrades and many other new game mechanics.

  • Each player has a limited budget to load his weapons and prepare his race strategy. No pick up items along the road, and if you are ranking last with one lap to go don’t hope for a magic mushroom because it’s not going to come your way.
  • The race organizers give every driver the opportunity to enter an auction before the race start where the winning bidder can win a decisive edge for the race. And when the die is cast, there is no turning back, the winner will take it all and the losers will leave broke.
  • Fighting is also a central part of the strategy in the game and choosing to go for an early super attack or saving up for an ultra attack can turn out to be decisive, so play wisely.
  • Finally, before every race the drivers will be able to customize and upgrade their rides and gears or go altogether for a new car.

Check out the official website for more info.