Fable III Opening Cinematic Is No Chicken

For those of you that haven’t seen or heard about it yet, where have you been for the last two days? Microsoft and Lionhead have released the opening cinematic to Fable III for avid gamers to watch and has already got thousands drooling over it.
October 29th can’t come soon enough for a lot of people, me (aceman) included as I’d played Fable II for hours and hours, including the DLC of which I still haven’t finished getting all the achievements for yet (mainly DLC ach’s), the opening though, see’s a new breed of hero is upon us…

Dashing through city streets and hurdling through the air, witness the daily struggles of Albion’s citizens through the eyes of a chicken as he makes the ultimate gamble for freedom.
In a world where freedom is nothing more than a dream, Albion’s oppressed and downtrodden citizens desperately need a hero. Against all odds, our aspiring hero dares to take a stand against his sworn enemy and puts up a rebel’s fight, paving the road to revolution for those who follow. However, he’ll quickly learn that revolutionaries can’t triumph alone. Will this brave chicken succeed in his quest for freedom or will he pay the ultimate price? The tide is turning and the uprising has begun – will you follow his lead?

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