Revenge of the Titans Goes Retail

Iceberg Interactive were good enough to provide a review copy of this, so expect to see it on Thursday (June 30th), but today, they have announced details of the retail version which is due for release this Friday, July 1st.

PC and Mac owners that haven’t already bought the game on Steam will be treated to a little bonus, not only do you get the soundtrack to the game, but also a limited edition poster and Steam key which allows you to register the game with Steam and be able to obtain additional content as well as software updates.
About Revenge of the Titans
At first they came from the skies, and we repelled them with hired spaceships on a shoestring budget! Now they’re back, and they’re sending their ground troops to destroy our bases – thirty-ton monsters with glowing eyes and slathering jaws! And we still don’t have any money!
Quickly assemble a defensive position using blaster turrets, upgrades, tiny battle droids, barricades, mines, tangle web, whilst obtaining the necessary funds by mining nearby resources as the relentless march of the Titans approaches the base. Research new technology and buildings as you defend the Earth bases throughout the solar system from the Titan onslaught. This is the ultimate mash-up of real-time strategy and tower defence.

Revenge of the Titans features

  • 50 level campaign mode across Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Titan itself
  • 29 buildings and 40 technologies to research
  • Relaxing Endless game mode
  • Hectic Survival game mode with online hi-scores

Pre-order before Friday and shipping is free from the Iceberg Interactive shop.

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