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The Good Life Still Not Greenlit

The Good Life is still yet to be passed through the Greenlight process, so to help with that, Iceberg Interactive has announced some new features have been added in a bid to gain more votes.

The Good Life Enters Greenlight

Iceberg Interactive has released its first project hoping to pass the grade on Steam Greenlight, the tropical paradise simulation game ‘The Good Life’, developed by immersionFX.

Revenge of the Titans Goes Retail

Iceberg Interactive were good enough to provide a review copy of this, so expect to see it on Thursday (June 30th), but today, they have announced details of the retail version which is due for release this Friday, July 1st.

Family Farm

I wasn’t going to do PC news or reviews any more, but there was just something about Family Farm that intrigued me enough to get a review copy and you know what, I rather enjoyed playing something that, although a little like The Farm, was actually a game I wanted to go back to and play again.