Prepare Earth Defense Force Against Ants!

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In an unbelievable mix of unprecedented sales and marketing nous and pure unadulterated coincidence, Namco Bandai can formally announce that Earth Defense Force has shipped to retail in celebration of humankind fending off this evening’s invasion of flying ants!
Flying ants were spotted on public transportation all over London, wreaking havoc as commuters made their way home. Fortunately, many were imbued with the spirit of the Earth Defense Force and took matters into their own hands, squishing, squashing and squelching the invaders by any means necessary.

But that was only the first wave. On July 22nd 2011, the invasion force is coming back with a vengeance as Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon hits shelves at a bug-blasting RRP of £29.99.
Take arms fellow humans! Repel the invaders. The human race shall prevail.
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