Dream of Pinball on iPhones

Retro gamers may remember a game called Pinball Dreams on the Amiga back in the 90’s, now if the same Amiga gamers now have iPhones, iPod Touch’s or an iPad, you’ll be pleased to know that Cowboy Rodeo has ported Pinball Dreams HD onto said iDevices.

Pinball Dreams was the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to pinball simulators, and we believe that a good game will always be a good game and the experience lives throughout generations.”

“Our original 2D port was critically acclaimed and widely accepted – by releasing Pinball Dreams HD we bring the game to a more modern form and bring this piece of old school game craftsmanship to the players of 2011 – ranging from fans of the original versions back in the day to youngsters who never got to enjoy the world when Commodore Amiga and other 16-bit legends dominated”

tells Juuso Salmijärvi, Cowboy Rodeo’s CEO.

Game info:
Pinball Dreams HD features the 4 original tables from the Amiga Pinball Dreams release with a completely reworked graphics system, this time representing the classic tables in silky smooth 3D, especially having modern devices like the iPad with high resolutions in mind.

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