When PRs Get Personal

We all know what happens when PR people get it wrong and take things a little too seriously, clients drop like flies, but let’s not get too drastic here, this isn’t quite as bad as the DNF PR incident, this one is more… personal.

It’s quite common practice for company employees to have a ‘personal’ twitter account so that they can give their own personal views and opinions about things, so does that mean that they can literally say what they want without fear of rebuttal?
FrankPRADIs it productive of someone, albeit via their personal twitter account to make such insensitive comments when there has been so much devastation caused? “Is Tottenham burning?” Twitter timelines and even live television news broadcasts would have easily answered that, but when you add, “Best thing for it tbh…” afterwards makes them look a complete idiot.
Lives have been endangered in the Tottenham riots, many people, including police officers are in hospital and this is the kind of person entrusted by big worldwide brands, including gaming industry giants Activision and even the charity, Beatbullying.
Is this really the kind of person you want representing your company? Someone that doesn’t care that a lot of people won’t be able to go into work tomorrow due to all the damage and looting or that innocent people caught up in the riot have had property ruined, oh it doesn’t matter because she’s so insensitive and it’s ok because she posted it on her personal twitter account.
There will be no repercussions from this and she knows that, that’s why she’s so smug about it, this post is just to point out how ‘responsible’ people of the gaming industry can also be morons, just because they post from personal twitter accounts and claim that all views are personal doesn’t detract the fact that it’s something that should not really have been said.
Imagine if the Frank PR offices got wrecked in some way, would we all point and laugh? After such a statement from the Associate Director, it’s quite likely.

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