Half Price Sushi, Gogo!

Sasazushi, a type of oshizushi
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There has been a major update for Gogo Sushi by Ozgnahc Studios which brings the app up to version 1.7, so here’s all the info and links needed and available.

In Gogo Sushi, the player makes sushi for customers. If the player gives excellent service, you will get special items or fish from a market owner in game. Besides, you have various achievements via game center. They are easy or hard missions.

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Duke Throws Number One At Charts

If you’ve played the demo or, if you live in Europe, have played the game, you’ll know that there’s a part that re-enacts you walking into the store to get the game… you know, the bit where you pick up the turd..?

There must have been some kind of embargo placed or review copies were purposely released late since most reviews only appeared the day before it was released (last Thursday, June 9th), meaning that the poor people that had pre-ordered were too late to cancel and had to suffer playing probably the second most over-hyped game this year (so far?).

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#E3: Wii U Images & Info

At the E3 Expo, Nintendo introduced a new paradigm for video games and home entertainment: Wii U, a new console that includes a controller with a 6.2-inch screen. Adding a second screen to the living room creates a multitude of new video game experiences while offering families a variety of options to customize their entertainment.

“The experience enabled by Wii U and the new controller takes players deeper into their games, while reaching out wider than ever before to be inviting to all kinds of gamers.”

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#E3: The Sims Go Social on Facebook

SimsSocialBefore I paste the info about this, I’d just like to say it’s rather hypocritical that EA closed The Sims Online/EA Land and tell us nobody wanted it, then not long after, tell us that Sims gamers are social and want a community, pissed a lot of people off.. anyway.

Play with friends, play with life, play with The Sims on Facebook! The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts announced The Sims Social, a groundbreaking new game that brings one of the world’s most popular gaming franchises to Facebook, the world’s largest social network.

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