Gamevil Go Retro on Android

Looking for something to play on your daily commute? Gamevil have released Kami Retro onto the Android Market for free, so you don’t really have an excuse not to try it as it will only cost you some network bandwidth.

“Our growing number of Android GAMEVIL fans have clamored for Kami Retro since the first news of its release and we’re excited to bring it to them for free.” said Kyu Lee, Head of GAMEVIL USA, “Even more players can now enjoy developer Paw Print Games’ unique and engaging title worldwide.”

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The Wii U Won’t Play DVDs or Blu-rays, Anyone Care?

A lot of the internet is reporting that Iwata has said that the Nintendo Wii U will not play DVD or Blu-ray disks, but is it really that important whether it will or not?

A reason for the Wii U not supporting Blu-ray should be blatantly obvious, just for the record and for those a little slow off the mark, it would mean Nintendo having to pay Sony monies to be able to use Blu-ray technology and yeah, an extremely slim chance of that ever happening, why do you think Microsoft attempted to unleash the rival format HD-DVD?

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The Redner Group Loses Biggest Client

dnfWhen PR’s Attack! I reckon I’ve been a victim of scoring a game too low to be shunned by a company or two before now, but they’ve done it without saying a thing, not that they need to give you a reason, but at least they didn’t go on a rant and threaten to cut off supplies to people who scored a game too low for reasons they (the PR company) didn’t like.

That’s where The Redner Group or at least, Jim Redner severely lacked the supposed expertise as advertised on the website by having a go at reviewers who scored Duke Nukem Forever lower than he would have liked, probably thinking that he was acting in good faith on behalf of 2K Games, but instead, it backfired and got dumped.

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Steam Offering Free MMO/MP Games

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, one that features Mental Gamers’ favourite word, FREE! Anyone that has had an xFire account for a number of years will know that you can browse the website for a whole bunch of free-to-play titles, now it seems Steam will be doing the same.

There are only a handful of titles at the moment that predominantly feature MMO style games with a couple of them being just multiplayer or more specifically, co-op, not sure why they chose the initial selection, but they’re free and that’s always a good thing.

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