May the Fail Be with You

May the 4th. Every year on this day, geeks and nerds ‘celebrate’ what has become known as Star Wars Day by doing whatever is Star Wars-related. Dressing up, BBQ’s, movie marathons and maybe even playing video games, but one social media fail has already caused a stir.

Companies, brands and the like all try to get in on the celebrations by posting something relevant. Meaning that today, being May 4th, you expect to see a lot of “May the Fourth be with you” messages. Unfortunately, today happens to be a Sunday, a day when nobody is usually at the helm and so posts to social media are automated or ‘scheduled’.

When you schedule a tweet and/or posts to Facebook, you have ample time to check it over for spelling mistakes, making sure you have the correct image and that any text is relevant. AMPLE time, scheduling a day before leaves enough space between creating the content and clicking the ‘Schedule’ button. Heck, some services ask if you’re SURE you want to schedule the content before requiring a second click from you.

Allow me to introduce you to Windows Phone UK, as you may be aware from the name, it’s the United Kingdom’s branch of the Windows Phone brand. A company who specialise in technology for geeks and no doubt have a whole bunch of geeks working for them… Well, you’d think so, except for the person who runs their social media.

It’s bad enough to fail on one social network, especially Twitter where your fail spreads quickest, but on Facebook, too? Some may say it’s an easy mistake to make, no, no it’s not and if you think that, you’re an idiot. For someone who should know better, this really is a fail of epic proportions.