Salt & Vinegar Sticks

Gamers love their snacks, it’s what gets us through those tough gaming sessions and one of the more popular items in the depository is crisps (or potato chips if you’re not British) or maize snacks.

What I don’t understand, particularly with the maize snacks is why the flavours have to be a certain shape. Onion Rings are round and circular, that’s obvious and doesn’t need addressing. Cheese Puffs are usually Wotsit-shaped which is kinda small, but long-ish sort of tubular things.

Cheese Balls are self explanatory, but the one that baffles me is salt & vinegar flavoured crisps or maize snacks. The crisps (potato chips) are usually thin, fried/baked slices of potato covered in the flavouring. Salt & vinegar maize snacks take on a different form and it’s not just one brand…

For some reason, they’re sticks. Now, I know salt and vinegar is difficult to represent in shape form, but why sticks? What makes it worse is that they’re not exactly the easiest to eat. Bits get everywhere and the flavour can sometimes be overpowering, it would be so much better if they were a different shape, but what?