Suspended from YouTube

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and their crusade to have anything remotely infringing on any of their copyrights removed, I’m suspended from YouTube.

They asked for a The Simpsons Game trailer to be removed not too long ago and then earlier, a Family Guy videogame trailer to be removed which resulted in me getting a third strike and I was outta there. I guess they didn’t even bother to watch the trailers, just saw that it looked like the cartoon from the thumbnail and decided it was infringing their copyright, even though I had obtained the trailers from the official source which was THQ and EA.

Whoever decided they were infringing copyright need their head looked at, I was helping to promote a videogame that was based on the TV program, not actual TV footage, but a VIDEOGAME. All copyrights were left in the trailers and nothing was altered, so why they thought it was infringing anything, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve contacted YouTube in some distinct hope of having the videos removed and my suspension lifted, I had almost 200 game trailers on there dating way back to around July 2006, as well as some vlogs, some of which had amassed 1000’s of views. I’ll upload the vlogs to somewhere else, but I do hope I can get my YouTube account back.