Great TV is back!

Hoorah! Family Guy is back and if you didn’t already know, it’s the ‘Star Wars’ episode or Blue Harvest to give it it’s proper title.

A new season of The Simpsons has also started which really needs to get funnier. Some of the later episodes of last season were getting better and let’s hope they can bring it back to the way it was before season 17 when it went downhill in the humour stakes.
Season 12 of King of the Hill is something I’ll be taking a look at, I don’t really get to watch it too much on TV due to it being on at strange times of the day. Finally from last night, Cold Case is back for a 5th season of which will probably start here in the UK in about a months time, that’s if Sky have bothered to get the rights for it.
English: Emily Deschanel at the 2009 Tribeca F...
Tonight sees the return of Heroes with Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday and something new that looks quite interesting, Private Practice launches on Wednesday. Oh no! I almost forgot about Bones, how could I forgot that starring the gorgeous Emily Deschanel? The third season of that starts Tuesday.
All we need now is more American Dad and the universe shall be at peace!