Salma Hayek looking great

I don’t know what Tasteful Celebs are on about, but yeah, I agree that Salma Hayek has a lovely pair of breasts, but I don’t think she has bad hair in this picture.

I don’t know if it’s just me and my ‘fetish’ for women with big hair, but I think she looks great. Ok, so it may not be the shiny and glamorous look that you usually see in films or photo shoots, but I think she looks hot.
Salma HayekWhat these gossip people need to realise is, celebrities are just normal people like everyone else, when they’re not working, they look the same as a normal human does when they’re out and about.
I don’t understand the infatuation over how good or shitty <insert A-List celeb here> looks when they’re out getting something to eat or shopping or just sitting around relaxing.
They don’t have to keep themselves looking like they did in whatever film they looked hottest in, I always laugh at how sad the journalists are when they show another ‘star without make-up’, what, didn’t you know they were a normal human being underneath all the crap plastered on them?
Saying that they would, “brown bag her” is pathetic, what’s saying that in the extreme off chance that the person who wrote that ‘Tasteful Celeb’ article met a celeb who he(?) got together with, had a relationship yada yada, looked so beautiful when on screen or whenever ‘working’, yet looked like a smacked arse without their ‘face’ on!
Anyway, it may seem like I’m ranting here, but I’m not. I just want to say that I think Salma Hayek looks hot in that pic, even if she is pregnant. 😉