Celeb Big Brother, why bother?

If you’ve had the displeasure of watching the latest “Celebrity” Big Brother, you’ll know that the once favourite to win, Leo Sayer, has walked out due to a lack of underwear.

According to it, he requested some clean underwear from Big Brother as he was down to his last couple of pairs, but because he couldn’t wait another day, he decided to leave.
Donny Tourette, the nobody punk rocker from a seldom heard of band Towers of London was the first to walk out due to the prospect of being a servant to the still pig-ugly Jade Goody and her ‘family’. If that wasn’t bad enough, her greaseball of a boyfriend and her butch lesbo mother were the rest of the ‘family’ that the other celebs were supposed to serve. After I think about 2 days of butch mothers tongue, eccentric old ex-director Ken Russell had had enough and also wanted out.
As mentioned elsewhere on the net, you can’t deny that the entry of the ‘Goody’ family has caused some friction and Jade was so upset when her mum was the one evicted, she obviously isn’t going to understand why she was the first evicted due to being thick as pigshit, but I think everyone that watches the pile of tripe knew she was gonna go.
I’m wondering why Jermaine Jackson has lasted so long and I don’t think Shilpa will last much longer as she seems to get upset quite often, about what I don’t know as I don’t watch it, but from what I have seen of it, I’m not surprised that the viewing figures are so low.
Maybe the rumour of The Hoff going in should have been true and that would have boosted the TV audience, as it is, it’s just the usual nobodies and has-beens. I can’t really speak for Shilpa as I don’t follow the Bollywood scene and she’s apparently a big star, but to the average British Joe, she’s not really anyone we could associate with.
Anyway, that’s my little bit about the apparent travesty that is celeb BB, mind you, I’m also glad that Malone is out, she won’t have as much to write about as Lauren Booth did when she was in ‘I’m a Celebrity..’, but then again, they both aren’t “celebrities”, so who cares?