The Park

The Park is a narrative thriller, I’m not sure you can call it a game since technically, you don’t really play it. You’re a woman looking for a child in an amusement park, but the twist to the park is that it hasn’t been open for a long time.

The Park
The Park is something I was going to stream on Halloween, but due to being too tired, I actually went to bed early. I streamed it just the other night and if anything, it was good for a bit of a giggle. Even the ‘warning’ at the beginning isn’t too serious.
Park Rules
The thing about playing in the dark with headphones on (and the sound up I would imagine, but they don’t say that) is purely for the cheap jump-scares you will experience. I’m not exactly sure what the subject matter is, that’s not a diss, I really don’t know, because it deals with so many issues, particularly drug use.
I would go as far to say The Park makes a bit of a mockery of things, but maybe that’s because I didn’t take it seriously at all and pretty much made fun of it all the way through. In the proposed conditions and treating it seriously, it could be a nice little horror/thriller, but as it is, it’s nothing more than a thing to pass some time.
Here is my playthrough, believe me, it’s better to waste the 90 minutes of your time than the money The Park costs.

If you’d rather not watch it all, here’s the biggest laugh I had from it all…

The reason I’m posting this as MGacemanYT instead of a proper Mental Gamers review is that as I said at the start, I don’t really consider this a game, it’s more like something you would YouTube/stream.