Streaming and Highlight Vids

I keep meaning to use this like a blog as intended, but I tend to mostly post on Twitter and Facebook. I’m useless at time management, so it comes as no surprise that I hardly post here as much as I should.

Stream ScheduleI’ve been trying to get through some games, but news ones were released and I started playing those and mostly on stream. It’s pretty rare these days that I don’t play anything unless it’s while I’m streaming and the main reason for that is like I’ve said before, I like and want to share my gaming experiences with anyone who wants to watch.

That and the fact gaming sessions can be five or six hours means it’s around the ideal length for a stream. I’m trying to keep up a stream schedule, but lately, I’ve been starting a bit later. The thing is, I’m actually planning on starting a bit earlier, but I find around 9pm till around 3am is a good time for me to play.

The main games I’ve been streaming are Fallout 4 (both on PC and PS4), Horizon Zero Dawn, Mafia 3 and a bit of The Sims4. I’ve had Mafia 3 since just after its release and didn’t get around to playing it, because I wanted to stream it. The thing is, I’ve only really started streaming properly since the new year and so I try to stream every day, including and especially the weekend.

Any highlights that are a bit special or funny, I use the Twitch highlighting to crate clips and upload them to YouTube, but sometimes I’ll upload a full gameplay of a game if it’s only around 1.5 to 2 hours long, such as Bus Simulator which I only play for a short while.

Anyhoo, the reason for this post is to let you know that I stream daily and it would be totally ace of you (get it, ace, aceman, MGaceman… Huh.. HUH! ) to follow me on  Twitch. Thanks and hope to see you some time!