Evil Genius 2’s New Henchmen

Evil Genius 2 has mixed reviews on Steam right now which is a shame as the first game was so good, so good that some gamers are recommending to play that instead.

I haven’t played Evil Genius 2, so I have no opinion on it and it’s up to you to choose whether it’s worth buying right now. That said, some new content was released in the form of new Henchmen, one free and the other as part of the season pass or available separately.

Team Fortress 2: Pyro Pack (FREE)
Recruit the Pyro as a Henchman and increase your firepower… literally! Pyro can indiscriminately engulf their surroundings in an inferno, fan the flames on those tiresome Agents in the aftermath, and even extinguish less friendly fires with a puff of compressed air.

What self-respecting Evil Genius can resist harnessing such destructive power?
Pack includes:

  • New Henchman (Pyro)
  • Accompanying Side Story objectives to recruit Pyro
  • 3 Loot Items (Briefcase of Australium, Briefcase of Intelligence, Payload)

Rise of the Valkyrie Pack (included in the Season Pass or for £4.19)
It’s time to unleash the Valkyrie’s voice! When the Evil Genius decimates the plans of a rising star in the Opera world, you better believe she’s going to seek sonic vengeance. Your minions will need to best this devastating prima donna and her powerful friends, in a saga of shattering performances that will test their nerves, eardrums, and glassware.

Doomhilda’s destructive voice is legendary, possessing the power to stop her enemies in their path – or even inspire her allies to victory. Can the Evil Genius convince Doomhilda to join their side as a Henchman, or will this woman with the voice of an ‘angel’ see them facing the final curtain call?
Pack includes:

  • New Henchman (Doomhilda)
  • Accompanying Side Story objectives to recruit Doomhilda

Available as a Steam midweek deal until July 16th

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