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‘Wonder’ful Bones

Bones as Wonder WomanWarning for UK viewers and fans of the TV series, Bones … *SPOILER*

Oh, wow! Emily Deschanel looked so hot as Wonder Woman in the latest episode of Bones.

I wasn’t that much of a fan of the program since I only started watching at the start of the 2nd season (I’m still yet to watch the 1st season on DVD that I bought the wife last Xmas), but even from then, I’ve thought of Ms Deschanel as a babe.

It’s a shame that this Halloween episode probably won’t get shown in the UK until next year (it starts on Sky One on Nov 8th) since this latest episode is number 5 of season 3 and we’ll be lucky if they manage 4 before the Xmas schedule kicks in.

Then again, it means this episode should air on December 6th as the US will air the 10th episode that week (if the seasonal break hasn’t kicked in).

Anyway, the main reason for this post is that Dr Brennan (Emily Deschanel) looks totally hot.

That is all!

The Chuck Crowd

I remember when The IT Crowd first started and due to people talking about it, I decided to take a look. 2 episodes later and I stopped watching it due to lack of humour and a failed attempt at stereotyping.

I just didn’t find it funny at all and wondered why some people were in hysterics about it. I haven’t even bothered with the new season of it, I don’t even know when it’s on TV and I don’t care.

I saw Chuck the other day and found that it was just as funny. I’m sure I almost thought about the distinct possibility of smiling, but alas, twas not to be. It’s slightly more exciting due to the premise of the programme, but it still didn’t provide the sufficient material required to requisition even a smirk from me.

Roll on the return of Lost and Heroes, TV I can actually stand to watch.

Pornstar banned from WoW

Mock Whorecraft coverWell, there’s something you don’t hear of every day. Apparently, a pornstar called Mia Rose plays World of Warcraft or at least she did until a ‘fan’ spotted her on the Mai’ Ganis server and was promptly banned when a GM supposedly saw the chat and apparently the website that the fan mentioned in the chat.
She’s been unable to contact Blizzard to get a proper response as to why she has been banned, but to be honest, if the reason is because she’s a pornstar, regardless of Mia Rosewhat films she’s been in, then it’s a retarded reason for banning her.

Does the admin that banned her expect players of WoW to be just spotty nerds that have no life? Although that may be true for some, I think he needs to realise that there are some normal people out there that like to play online games, despite what they do for a living.

World of Warcraft pornstar Mia Rose