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JetPack Reaches 2.1 [Updated]

JetPack is good for having some of the features on a self-hosted installation that you would normally only find on a hosted blog and now it has reached version 2.1 which brings a whole load of tweaks and fixes, so I’ve listed them in this bonus blog post (already done todays ‘Post-A-Day’ post).




  • Enhancement: Tiled Galleries: Show off your photos with cool mosaic galleries.
  • Enhancement: Slideshow gallery type: Display any gallery as a slideshow.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: Allow zoom property.
  • Enhancement: Stats: Show subscribers in stats.
  • Bug Fix: Fix errors shown after connecting Jetpack to
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Fix bug causing errors to be shown in some posts.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Convert all images in posts when Photon is active.
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll: Improved compatibility with the other modules.
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Updated editor to fix missing file errors.
  • Bug Fix: Publicize: Don’t show the Facebook profile option if this is a Page-only account.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: A fix for photos appearing shrunken if they didn’t load quickly enough.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: A compatibility fix for posts that only have partial featured image data.
  • Bug Fix: Publicize/Sharing: For sites without a static homepage, don’t set the OpenGraph url value to the first post permalink.
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme: Better compatibility with the customizer on mobile devices.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Don’t show sharing options on front page if that option is turned off.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix PHP warning shown when adding a Contact Form in WordPress 3.5.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Handle images with relative paths.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix compatibility with the Shortcode Embeds module.

[Update] It seems a quick fix had to be applied…


  • Bug Fix: Fix for an error appearing for blogs updating from Jetpack 1.9.2 or earlier to 2.1.

You should make a habit of keeping everything up-to-date and be sure to have the latest version of any plugins, so that things keep running smoothly!

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Speeding Up The Web

I’m always looking to streamline and optimize Mental Gamers in any way I can to conserve bandwidth while also keeping loading times low, that’s why when I saw someone mention CloudFlare (thanks @weefz), I checked out the site and saw that there’s a free option, so I signed up and started using it.

The site still seems to load at around the same speed as before, even though it’s now running through CloudFlare’s DNS servers and I’m using WP Super Cache, although, I sometimes wonder if using the cache really works OK scratch that, updated the settings to serve me a supercached page and it pretty much halved the speed to load the main page.

When I check the box for “Make known users anonymous so they’re served supercached static files.” I can shave around three seconds off the loading time as well as seven less links, I’m not sure why or what the links are, but it improves Page Rank Flow by 1% to give a total of 76%.

I use All-in-One SEO which suits me fine since I don’t need to mess around with it and can let it do what it does, I see some people use Yoast and wonder why. I tried it and just got so confused, I didn’t know what was going on, yet a friend said he thought it was a lot easier than All-in-One. How, I don’t know since Yoast SEO seemed to have so many options, it was overkill for someone like me who just wants simple and effective SEO, I guess I’ll have another go at it, but if it’s not worth my time, I’ll just stick with what works.

GA: It’s PC To Be Skyrim

Had a go at Skyrim on the laptop, it kind of runs OK with everything low, the main problem is there seems to be a slight delay with a controller, mostly with the right stick which is used to look around, it’s not quite right.

Despite being on low settings, the game still looks pretty great, the specifications suggest you need a 512 MB graphics card, but it runs fine on a 256 MB card, although, mine is a Radeon 4200 HD with 256 MB dedicated RAM, rather than being a separate GPU altogether.

I couldn’t remember seeing Anise’s Cabin in the Xbox 360 version (as pictured above), so I even booted that up to revisit the place, but instead of encountering some guy and a bunch of dead Imperials, it was a dead treasure hunter of whom had a note on him about a weapon (I think it’s the Elven Mace of Harrowing) in a cave or dungeon, so I’ll go look for it when playing that version again.

Anyway, while still playing some Skyrim, I’m trying to get as much Oblivion gaming done so that I can catch up with where I was before having to start again due to not being able to use my old save…

GA: Back Into Oblivion

I’d been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for quite some time before Microsoft decided to give us a Cloud service to upload our saves to, the problem was, I left it a bit late to start uploading saves (I was in the process of packing away the old Xbox 360 to trade-in and upgrade), also, the Oblivion save wouldn’t upload.

So, the natural thing to do is start over…

Oblivion Character

There may be a way to obtain the old saves I have on a memory unit, but since the new Xbox 360 consoles don’t have a slot for them and rely on USB flash drives, I think looking for one of those adapter/connectors is in order as there are quite a few other saves on the unit.

Blades practicing

I was about halfway through Shivering Isles and have recently got the Knights of the Nine add-on, I don’t mind replaying Oblivion, I’ll just have to remember to return to Skyrim once in a while!

GA: You’re Not Getting My Chocolate

So yeah, I’m still playing Skyrim after all this time, still attempting to unlock achievements with the latest being the one where you have a bounty in all nine holds (Master Criminal). I’ve managed to get a bounty in seven of them, but I encountered a problem when trying to get bountys in Dawnstar and Winterhold.

The problem with Winterhold is that there are only two guards patrolling, the best way of getting a big bounty quickly is to attack and kill a guard, then swiftly exit before it goes too high. I’d killed every guard in Dawnstar and Winterhold without any penalty, not sure if a bug or glitch.

I had fast-travelled to my house in Falkreath (self-built via Hearthfire) and as usual, checked the immediate area for threats/enemies when this guy appeared…

Bounty Collector

He’s apparently a Bounty Collector who, as the title suggests, comes to collect any bounty you may have in a hold on behalf of the Jarl, so I decided to follow him and see if he really did go into Falkreath…

Falkreath Collector

Oh, before I go any further, I must add that when he approached asking for payment, the choices were ‘Pay 0 Gold’ and ‘I don’t have that much Gold’, so I chose to pay 0 Gold, he accepted for some reason and that’s when we followed.

Forgetting I had a bounty in Falkreath, the guards attacked, including the Bounty Collector who, despite his cumbrous size, was really rather weak and didn’t last long in the fight, so it ended up as more bounty being added instead of removed.